COST $225/Couple+HST, additional support people $50/each+HST

A two day weekend workshop held on Saturday and Sunday from 930am-4pm. This workshop is designed to thoroughly prepare new parents for Birth, Caring for Baby, Breast feeding & Postpartum. ( Locations in Bowmanville & Newcastle )

Topics Include:

  • Signs & Stages of Labour
  • Comfort in Labour, Breathing, Positioning & Focusing
  • Medical Pain Management ( Including Epidurals ) & Potential Medical Interventions
  • Birth Planning & Decision Making
  • Family Centred Caesarean Birth
  • Delivery Room Procedures for Mom and Baby
  • Hospital Routines for Mom & Baby
  • Physical Development of the Newborn , Practice for Holding, Burping, Diapering, Bathing, Cord Care & Dressing Baby
  • Breast Feeding ( Benefits, Recognizing Feeding Cues, Positioning, Achieving a Deep & Effective Latch, How to Know if Baby is Getting Enough Milk, How to be a Supportive Partner )
  • Crying & Comforting • Safe Sleep Guidelines • Transition to Parenthood- Physical & Emotional • Finding Help & Support in Your Community

All you need to know to get off to a great start in just one weekend.

Upcoming Classes

  • Saturday and Sunday, November 25 and 26, 2023. 930am-4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, Jan 27/28 2024, 930am-4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, Mar 23/24 2024, 930am-4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, May 25/26 2024, 930am-4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, July 27/28 2024, 930am-4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, Sept 28/29 2024, 930am-4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, Nov 23/24 2024, 930am-4pm

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What Our Students Say!

My husband and I were fortunate enough to take Kim’s prenatal classes as well as her breastfeeding workshop. Thanks to Kim I am confident as I go into my labour journey and beyond! She is incredibly knowledgeable and her courses are very informative. Thank you, Kim!!

Jenna Cann

My husband and I participated in the Breastfeeding Workshop back and November and just completed the Preparation for Parenthood weekend course; we were absolutely thrilled with both!
Kim is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and the courses she teaches are engaging, informative, hands-on and extremely well put together.
My husband and I feel so much more confident after having taken both of these courses and are very thankful that they were offered.
We HIGHLY recommend taking both courses.
5 stars!!!!!

Laura Lennox

My husband and I just completed Kim’s weekend Preparation for Parenthood class and WOW, we LOVED it. The information provided and hands on activities gave us more knowledge than we thought we’d ever need and has definitely given us the confidence we needed. We feel very prepared and now know what all of our options are. The information is completely up to date and there were things that i THOUGHT we knew, that have changed over time. Knowledge really is power and we feel very empowered with what we learned this weekend. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for new parents!!

Amanda Leigh

My husband and I completed the Preparation For Parenthood class (as well as the breastfeeding info session), and I can’t stress enough how amazing these courses were. Kim was an awesome instructor, who really helped set our minds at ease � The courses were super informative and user-friendly, and have definitely helped us feel more confident and prepared for our little one’s arrival. I 100% recommend Kim to any and all new/expectant parents!!

ΕιΙζαβετη Κεεφεπ

My husband and I took this two day course in advance of the birth of our first child. Kim was knowledgable and shared extensively from her years of experience as a labour and delivery nurse. She also presents very current information and is well aware of current research and studies. She is easy to interact with, comfortable with ANY questions and genuinely cares about her clients and their well-being. As an added bonus, her classes are small, so there is lots of points of connection.

Shannon Marcus

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